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A pregnant woman lies on an examination table as a nurse places her hands on her stomach during a check up at a community health centre in Chharchh

New Research provides clues for Pre-eclampsia testing

Pre-eclampsia and Alzheimer’s Disease may have something in common: Researchers at the Center for Perinatal Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio have identified proteins in urine of patients with pre-eclampsia that resemble dysfunction proteins identified in neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease. Researchers report that the proteins identified were noted assuming the wrong shape or […]


Research by Georgia CNMs: ACNM 2014 National Meeting Spotlight

Our Affiliate is made up of many talented people who work daily to improve the health of women and their families both on the national and state level. We are proud to highlight a few of our members who have brought nurse-midwifery into the spotlight this year: Priscilla Hall, CNM, RN, MS presented two posters […]


Georgia Nurse-midwives and Prescriptions: No Happy Ever After

Almost everyone has had the experience of receiving a written prescription for a medication after visiting their healthcare provider’s office. Although not always used, prescriptions for medications are a common part of modern healthcare. In a typical day in the office, healthcare providers write about 20 prescriptions per day. Georgia was the last state in […]